Ordering Policy
Please be sure you order the correct amount of Angioprim needed for your level of cleaning. The company is not responsible for you making the wrong purchase. Click here for help with your decision. For example; you place an order for 6 bottles @ $299 and realize one week later that you could have ordered 12 bottles for only $100 more, the company will not send you 6 more bottles and bill you $100, unless approved by an official of the company.

We do not accept international wire/money transfers. If you are an international customer and do not have a credit/debit card, please remit payment in the form of a bank check in US Dollars to the company's address listed on the Contact Us page.

Customer service hours are Monday - Friday from 9 am to 7 pm Eastern Time
Warranty Policy
If you have taken Angioprim as per the instructions for the level of cleansing needed for your condition, and you feel that you have not achieved the results you expected within the warranty period and for any reason you feel you did not get your money's worth, we will refund your money in full. If you bought less than needed for your problem Angioprim will work with you to get the correct amount for your needs. E.G. If someone with a blockage of 50% bought the initial cleansing (12 Bottle package) and claimed it didn't work, they would be offered the opportunity to purchase the remainder of the program they should have purchased (24 bottle package) for the price difference. This guarantee only applies to the customers first cleansing. No refunds will be issued subsequent to 4 months from the start of the cleaning.All refunds are processed on Tuesday or Friday

If you purchase any amount of Angioprim, and you do not take it for any reason, including a negative response from a health care provider, we will accept the product back. Any such return will be subject to a restocking fee of 25% of the purchase price as we cannot resell the product once it has been out of control. If you feel you need to consult with your health provider, please do so prior to purchasing. AMA doctors cannot recommend any treatment outside of their drug regimens, so expect a negative answer. Although Chelation has been used for many years it is still a mystery to most health care providers.

The purchase of a second order of Angioprim is tacit agreement that the product is working and the customer is satisfied, unless they have purchased additional product based on the paragraph above. There will be no refunds of any product after a second or subsequent purchase.

All refunds shall be returned to the same method of payment (i.e. If you used a credit card, the same credit card will be credited, if you paid with an echeck, a check will be issued to you at the end of our current billing cycle).

The 6 bottle package is not intended as a trial size. There is NO trial size of Angioprim. Our money back guarantee is not honored for purchase of this packages for first time customers.

If you purchase any amount of Angioprim from a 3rd party, Angioprim's corporate entity will not be held responsible for any refund whatsoever. You must contact the 3rd party you purchased from if you are seeking a refund.

The eliminator has a 30 day money back guarantee to be free of manufacturer defects. If after that point you return any purchase of an Eliminator, there will be a 50% restocking fee for each unit. This restocking fee is effective regardless of the unit(s) being installed, used, or simply returned to the company. Once the unit has been used it is not resellable, therefore we require the restocking fee.

We do not issue refunds for shipping as this is an unrecoverable cost to the company.

Privacy Policy
We respect all of our customers' and representatives' privacy. At no time will any personal information contained within the site be used for any other purpose other than for internal issues. Email addresses are never sold or disclosed to 3rd Parties.
Volunteering for the "Ask our Customers" website is at the discretion of the customer. The customers provide that information. Angioprim will still not disclose any information on those volunteers except what they themselves have disclosed.
We ship via the U.S. Postal Service. General shipping times are 2-4 U.S. Postal business days within the contiguous 48 United States based on your distance from the Angioprim's distribution center in Nevada. Allow 10-14 U.S. Postal business days for international orders. We do not ship via UPS, FedEx, DHL or private courier.
Sales Tax Policy
Angioprim currently does not charge sales tax as it is sold online. The company reserves the right to change this policy and add sales tax to future orders with or without prior notification.

Last Policy Update May 16, 2017