Why Chelation Therapy

60 to 70 million Americans suffer form heart attacks. Over 550,000 will die this year from heart attacks and the numbers are increasing. The cost of treating heart attacks in the US is estimated at 50-60 billion dollars a year. Conventional treatments for heart disease have been, by pass surgery and angioplasty. These life saving treatments have been recognized by the medical industry the standard necessary procedures.

Chelation therapy has been known about for over 60 years, The medical industry prefers not to recognize a procedure that has the ability to prevent much unnecessary surgery and suffering. Heart disease is a very big and profitable business. It's very easy to pay the overhead on a large medical facility when the operating rooms are constantly filled with heart patients.

Chelation therapy as practiced in Florida has been proven to increase blood flow and to remove plaque build up in the arteries. Chelation therapy is a safe and effective method of eliminating scale or plaque, that is the primary cause of cardiovascular disease. Other benefits of chelation therapy are reversal of arteriosclerosis, prevention of heart attacks and strokes, and eliminates the need for bypass surgery and angioplasty.

Chelation comes from the Greek word chele meaning "to claw" or "to bind". The use of chelation therapy goes back to the 1950's when it was found to be effective in removal of lead. Studies published in reputable medical and scientific journals have repeatedly confirmed the effectiveness of I V (intravenous) chelation therapy. Over five hundred thousands patients in the United States during the last 40 years have used chelation therapy safely. Even though the FDA has not approved chelation therapy for cardiovascular problems over 1000 physicians recommend and administer chelation.

The American College For The Advancement Of Medicine and the American Board Of Chelation Therapy have established a specific and safe protocol for chelation therapy treatments. This therapy is performed on an out patient basis, is painless and takes approximately one and one half hours. The average number of treatments is determined by the physician but is usually between 20-30 session. According to Garry Gordon, M.D. of Arizona, a carefully tailored nutritional program including vitamins and mineral supplements should be part of the total program. A whole foods diet, low fat diet with exercise also play an important role.

Doctors are not all knowing, Dr. Gordon's recommended treatment method of adding mineral supplements during or after chelation is contradictory to the basic concept of doing chelation in the first place. Chelation is the process of removing harmful minerals such as calcium and other minerals that are the cause of cardiovascular problems.

Chelation therapy binds calcium that accumulates inside cells and allows it to be flushed from the vessel walls. An additional benefit is reduction of free radical production which is known to be one of the causes of arterial damage.

In a double blind study in 1989 with patients suffering from peripheral vascular disease who were treated with intravenous chelation therapy, 88 percent of the patients reported a marked improvement after 10 treatments.

When Angioprim is used and procedures are followed, noticeable health improvements of reduced fatigue, improved breathing, greater strength and stamina, reduced pain or tightness of the chest and usually this will be realized within a few days or weeks.

There has been much confusion about the effectiveness of oral chelation therapy and that it is a vastly different and less effective than Intravenous chelation. That is true for some forms of oral chelation when use of nutritional supplements such as, garlic, vitamin C, carrageen, zinc, niacin, cayenne pepper lecithin and a multitude of products with one form or another of EDTA. These chelators either IV, oral or suppository work very slowly and are only in the body a short period of time and unable to clean the arteries very effectively.

The type of EDTA used for chelation is very important and the right blend of synergistic amino acids working with the EDTA are critical. Few forms of EDTA will go through the stomach without being broken down by stomach acids and others are very slow acting and ineffectual once in the body.

Many people ask why haven't they heard of this therapy before and why is there no FDA approval? The answer is simple, the patent on the chemicals for chelation therapy have expired many years ago and it is unlikely that a pharmaceutical company would invest the millions of dollars needed to get FDA approval without patent protection. There is also some skepticism among doctors because no major pharmaceutical company promotes this product. The patent laws in America protect a patent holder for 16 to 20 years on new patents and procedures. The patent holder has the right to exclusively manufacture for resale that product. Without a patent there is not much restriction and usually no big profit.

Because heart disease is the number one killer in America and the fact that angioplasty and bypass surgery is risky, expensive and the benefits are unproven, you should consider oral chelation therapy as a viable choice.

Oral chelation is simple, easy and very inexpensive. Why do we offer this knowledge? Today I know, I was unnecessarily subjected to very traumatic by-pass surgery that saved my life but took many months to regain my health. I was further treated to Angioplasty surgery that was effective for about 14 days. A repeated angioplasty left me with a stent in the wrong place that resulted in my walking out of the hospital in worse shape than when I went in.