Angioprim Cleaning Instructions


Angioprim is a proprietary liquid blend of amino acids which is effective in the removal of plaque and calcium deposits from the body. To be most effective, this dietary supplement must be taken on an empty stomach. For optimal results, drink the Angioprim-juice mixture, described below, first thing in the morning and wait twenty minutes after your last sip of Angioprim before having your breakfast or other liquids.

Mixing - Angioprim can be mixed with juice or distilled water: The optimal juices for Angioprim are apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and tomato juice. Be sure to choose ones that say no calcium on the ingredients label, the lower the mineral content the more effective the Angioprim will be. Add one bottle of Angioprim to 24 Oz (750ml) of juice, distilled water, or any combination of the two in a container. This is a two day supply. You will use one half of the mixture each day. Be sure to shake before use on the second day. Refrigerate the second half if mixed with a liquid that needs to be refrigerated.

Do not mix Angioprim with V-8, Cranberry juice, Colas, or sports drinks like Gatorade, Noni, or Pomegranate as they have high levels of metals and will prevent cleaning. Don't mix with tea and coffee because the taste will disappoint you. You can drink tea, coffee, or colas after you have taken the Angioprim in the morning.

Frozen concentrates and Kool-Aid's are acceptable, the ingredients may show it has some metals like calcium and magnesium, but unless it says calcium added don't worry it's OK. Mix Kool-Aid and concentrates with distilled or RO water.

Mixing alternative... As an alternative to plain distilled water, juices or Kool Aid, boil twenty-four ounces (750ml) of filtered water, turn off the heat, add a few of slices of fresh ginger, stir and let this flavor from the ginger oils blend into the water, add a tablespoon of honey (optional), and the juice from one lemon. When the mixture is cooled, remove the ginger and pour the liquid into a container along with one full bottle of Angioprim. Do not add Angioprim to the mixture when it is in the saucepan as we do not want our product to come into contact with metals. Sip half of this mixture over two hours each morning on an empty stomach.

Dairy products are prohibited on the days you are cleaning with Angioprim; Yogurt, milk, cheese, and ice cream are 40% loaded with calcium and will decrease the effectiveness of Angioprim. Read the ingredients on packaged foods; avoid added calcium. Best practice is that if it says not a significant source of Calcium it is fine.

Angioprim Cleaning Regimen. Each bottle of Angioprim as mixed by the above instructions is a two day supply. After mixing, pour one-half of this mixture into a separate container from which you can drink. You can start sipping immediately upon getting out of bed in the morning. It is required that you ingest the contents of this bottle over one and a half hours to two hours, which will assure the ultimate amount of absorption of the product. Twenty minutes after the last sip of Angioprim you may have your breakfast, coffee, etc.

During the days you are Cleaning take two 400 IU tabs of vitamin E and two 500 Mg tabs of vitamin C with your breakfast, take one vitamin E and one 500 to 1000 IU vitamin D3 with your lunch every day, and take two 400 IU vitamin E and two 500 Mg vitamin C with your supper on the days that you use Angioprim. Use natural vitamin E. Use plain vitamin C and not ester-C or vitamin C with additives. The vitamin regimen is an integral part of the Cleaning and should not be skipped.

Angioprim Cleaning Levels

PRIMARY CLEANING (preventative): For those with semi- serious concerns, a good indication is resting Blood Pressure over 130 on the high end, or a history of heart or cardiovascular problems in the family. Use 12 bottles of Angioprim in 24 days for this preventative Cleaning.

MAJOR CLEANING: For serious blockages of 30 to 60% with symptoms like pain in the chest, legs, arms, back or face. A 40 day program (20 bottles) with 4 bottles left for 8 months of maintenance. This regimen can be broken into two 20 day regimens. You may use all of the bottles if you feel that you do not desire to do maintenance.

ULTIMATE CLEANING: For severe blockage of 60 to 100%. Those experiencing severe Angina pain in the chest or arm with exertion would do best on this level of Cleaning. Expect to use 30 or more bottles for Carotid Artery blockage. Even when you are on the verge of surgery, Angioprim can still restore your health. Exercise, especially cardio exercise that increases the heart rate, is not recommended for those taking the Ultimate Cleaning. Lots of rest with minimal activity is needed; don't strain or stress yourself.

Variable one ... You can increase the amount of Angioprim to a full bottle daily if you want faster results. This should be done with the full understanding that you may experience some upset stomach or loose bowel during this accelerated protocol. This will require the full 24 ounces (750 ml) of mixture to be slowly sipped over three to four hours, again on an empty stomach and starting as soon as you awaken. It is not necessary to increase the amount of vitamins with this change.

Variable two ... In a very small number of cases nausea or loose bowel may occur. If this infringes on your schedule you can reduce the daily amount of Angioprim mixture to eight ounces (250 ml) sipped over one to one and a half hours. This slower usage of Angioprim is also appropriate if you find increasing blood pressure to be a concern. Each mixed bottle will then become a three day supply. If you select this option, please reduce the daily amount of vitamins C and E to one of each with your breakfast and supper meals and one vitamin E and one vitamin D with your lunch.

Cleaning Notes: If you require two or more of the 12 bottle regimens, you may take a few days break after completing each 12 bottle cleanse and return all the foods on the diet restrictions list to your menu. During this break, reduce the vitamins C and E to one of each per day. Each 12 bottle regimen is to be mixed and used as shown in these instructions.

If Blood Pressure rises to over 160 stop taking Angioprim until it goes down, drink fluids, and skip taking Angioprim for a day or two. Angioprim will not conflict with most prescribed medications. Do not eat more than half a banana once or twice a week (high Potassium). If muscle cramps occur take magnesium tablets or milk of magnesia in the evening. If you use potassium or magnesium daily it should be taken in late afternoon and you may need to take more Angioprim for a longer number of days.

You may experience slightly increased blood pressure during the early stages of the Cleaning regimen as the emulsified components of plaque in the arteries, are transported by blood circulation to exit the body through the kidneys and urine. This is a temporary condition and you may reduce your Angioprim dosage to one bottle over three days to help alleviate this symptom. Please refer to Variable two above for advice on vitamin amounts during this regimen.

If you are on any prescription medication, please take these medications during or after your meals so they do not conflict with the Angioprim Cleaning. Angioprim has no contraindications to prescribed medications. If any of you medications are anti-coagulants it is prudent that you use them around your supper time as Angioprim does have some anti-coagulant properties and we do not want you to have too much of this at any one time of the day.

Diet ... During your Cleaning avoid oatmeal, sports drinks, fortified cereals, food supplements, non-prescribed drugs, protein drinks, dairy products, and soy products. If you choose to eat packaged foods, check the labels to be sure you avoid the ones with mineral additives most specifically Calcium. Also avoid all dietary supplements such as fish oils and flax seed oils during the regimen. Some supplements may be detrimental to our product. Do not use calcium, B vitamins, or multi-mineral supplements on those days when you take Angioprim. If you are accustomed to using CoQ10 or omega-3, you may continue this during the regimen by taking it later in the day around your supper time.

It is advisable during the Angioprim cleanse for you to enjoy a varied diet of fresh foods to help supply a wide range of nutrients and minerals in the bio-available form. It is impossible to avoid minerals in one's diet and we understand this. We only ask that you avoid the ones that are listed above since the high mineral content of these foods will decrease the benefits of Angioprim. All the foods you eat should be used in moderation and it is good to have fresh fruits and vegetables when available. Other acceptable consumables include beef, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, and filtered water.

Maintenance Program: After the cleaning we recommend one bottle for maintenance every other month (those with more serious problems or with stents can take one bottle per month), this keeps you healthy and will help you avoid needing another Cleaning for a while. Mix one bottle of Angioprim in 24 oz.. of liquid, take one half of the mixture each day. When taking the maintenance follow the same rules that you followed during your original cleaning program.

Angioprim is a time exposure product that removes the minerals it can access in your plaque. During the remainder of the day Vitamins C, E, and D3 along with the residual of the Angioprim helps to dilute the cholesterol portion on the surface of the plaque, allowing it to exit the body at the molecular level, thereby exposing more metals (calcium) for the next day's Angioprim. Vitamin C, besides being beneficial for cardiovascular health, will also help in the healing of any lesions (damaged blood vessel walls) that may have caused the plaque to start accumulating.

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