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A safe way to clean your veins and arteries.

No matter your age or health condition, you can extend your life and add life to your years beginning right now! You can improve your overall health & vitality, and increase your energy levels. You can truly look & feel younger than your years. Angioprim can help promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

Angioprim the ORIGINAL Liquid Oral Chelation since 2003.

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Do you have any of these symptoms ? How did I get this way ?
Night cramps in hands or feet?
Fingers or toes that often feel cold?
Your arms or legs often "go to sleep"?
Is there a diagonal crease in your earlobe?
Do you experience numbness in the arms or legs?
A whitish ring under the outer cornea in your eye?  
Do your lips or fingers often have a tingling sensation?
Breathless with slight exertion or when lying down?
On short walks, do your legs get aches or pains?
Is your memory worse than it used to be?
Ankles that swell late in the day?
Has your blood pressure increased lately?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you may have early warning signs of arterial blockages. Your body is saying that it's time to make a change and put time ON your side. These are not the normal signs of aging. They are the warning signs that accompany blocked arteries.

Doctors and nutritionists say you need more calcium. No two ways about it, taking the wrong calcium, like Coral Calcium, may cause major health problems!

a diet and exercise used to make good sense. However, those changes alone may not solve your problem.

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How Angioprim Works
The action of Angioprim is more than just binding calcium and breaking down plaque. One of the primary health problems of aging is decreased blood flow, Angioprim helps to restore lost blood flow by stimulating the enlargement of small vessels, so that they allow blood flow around a blockage.

Angioprim promotes healing by stimulating enzyme production that controls the phosphorus and calcium levels in the body. Calcium control results in re-calcification of bones and the reduction of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Angioprim is a powerful antioxidant to control free radical damage. Free radicals are formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals damage the body and cause aging. Antioxidants prevent the damage caused by free radical damage and therefore slows the aging process. Angioprim stimulates the body to produce antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease.
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Serious Solution to a Serious Problem - Our Liquid Oral Chelation
EDTA is the primary component used in a process called Chelation. EDTA Chelation Therapy has been in practice for over 60 years and has been proven to eliminate heavy metals (lead, mercury, iron, etc.) from the body. The issue with heavy metals is that they accumulate causing many health problems that can impact literally every major organ in your body.

In addition to eliminating heavy metals, EDTA Chelation has also been shown to remove mineral deposits, particularly calcium. Over time when these calcium deposits remain in the body, they build up and harden, resulting in decreased circulation. Blood supplies nutrients and oxygen to all critical body areas (organs, nerves, muscles and tissues), so there is no doubt how important it is to have proper blood flow.

Great News from the Completed NIH Study

Chelation therapy, an unproven alternative medicine in the treatment for heart disease, modestly reduced cardiovascular events for adults aged 50 and older who had suffered a prior heart attack, according to new National Institutes of Health-supported research.

Results from the chelation arm of the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT), which will be published in the March 27 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that infusions of a form of chelation therapy using disodium ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) reduced cardiovascular events by 18 percent compared to a placebo treatment. Investigators stated that more research is needed before considering routine use of chelation therapy for all heart attack patients. The EDTA-based chelation solution also contained high doses of vitamin C, B-vitamins, and other components.

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Angina, Angioprim, Liquid Oral Chelation, EDTA, Liquid EDTA,Diabetes, Business Opportunity, Chelation Therapy, LYSINE, CYSTINE, CAYSINE, Chelation, Oral Chelation, Oral Liquid Chelation, Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis, stent, Arthritis, Osteoporosis,
  • Angioprim can provide significant improvement. We believe that Angioprim has no comparison, there is no other product available that can provide such positive and fast results.

  • After many years of scientific research have proven that the ACTIVE ingredient in Angioprim helps promote cardiovascular health.

  • Liquid Oral Chelation has proven better absorption rate than pills and capsules.

  • Angioprim's synergistic combination of amino acids is formulated to improve the body's ability to reduce plaque build up and calcification.

  • The cost of Angioprim can only be measured by a person's health improvements. What is your life worth?
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